Lars Wirzenius: Lodju, 2004


Monday, January 26, 2004

Lodju: GUADEC proposal sent

I sent in the proposal for the GUADEC talk on managing a digital photo collection. Read the abstract for more information.

Saturday, January 24, 2004

Lodju: GUADEC presentation?

I'm thinking about going to GUADEC this year, since it is Norway and that's relatively close and I might therefore be able to afford the flights. I'm even thinking about offering a talk on managing a digital photo collection, using Lodju as one example. Here's my current abstract:

Digital cameras are popular toys and photography as a hobby seems to be growing. Accordingly the number of photographs on people's hard disks grows really fast. This talk presents ways to avoid drowning in the flood of pictures.

The first step is to learn to delete pictures. Not all pictures are worth saving. For most photographers, most pictures are not worth saving. Learning to see the difference and to delete the unworthy pictures can reduce the flood to a manageable size.

Depending on the remaining volume various approaches can be taken to keep track of the pictures. The simplest one is to keep the pictures in suitable folders on disk, using a graphical file manager such as Nautilus or an image browser such as GQview to put them in the right folders and to find them as needed. For bigger volumes specialized tools are useful. As an example I present my own program, Lodju. Lodju is a tool for GNOME for organizing a digital photo collection and is used as example of what you can do with such software, compared to other methods.

Backups are made difficult by the large number of bits in digital photographs. Floppies are just too small. Perhaps something else would work: CD, DVD, internal or external hard disks, tapes, or even paper.

Friday, January 23, 2004

Lodju: Heard about F-spot, talked to Larry Ewing

Jukka Rajala told me about F-spot, a new project of Ximian with goals very much like those of Lodju. I mailed Larry Ewing, the F-spot guy, and he agreed that it would be good to look at working together. He'll have time for this after Evolution 2.0 releases, perhaps a month from now.

Thursday, January 1, 2004

Lodju: 2.2

Released Lodju version 2.2. I meant to implement a search feature, but I've been too tired or lazy to do anything except fix bugs. That's good too, of course.