Talks / Lars Wirzenius

I often quote myself; it adds spice to my conversation. — G. B. Shaw

Real programming (or: What they didn't teach me about programming at university) (originally in Finnish) is a humorous presentation of what the life of a professional programmer is really like, based on my own experiences. September 2004<

The Joy of Human Interaction Over the Internet (or: Developing and integrating free software in a large project for fun and profit) was given to a seminar course at the Helsinki University of Technology about open source development. October 2004.

Hedgehog – a tiny Lisp for embedded applications (slides). A talk about the Lisp implementation we did a Oliotalo. Presented at FOSDEM 2005, February 2005.

Debian packaging tutorial. A first introduction to making Debian packages. April 2005. Translated to Spanish by Isaac Clerencia. Updated on June 2006.

Kaikki, mitä ikinä tarvitsee tietää ohjelmoinnista, lukuunottamatta joitakin lähes yhdentekeviä yksityiskohtia ohjelmointikielten syntaksista ja semantiikasta, tietokoneiden toimintaperiaatteista, ynnä muista sellaisista turhuuksista. ("Everything about programming", in Finnish). September 2005.

Programmer survival skills (Ohjelmoijan hengissäpysymistaidot in Finnish). December 2005.

Nobody expects the Finnish inquisition, or: confessions of a Debian package torturer. Talk given at FOSDEM 2006 in the Debian devroom. February 2006.

A very brief PyGTK tutorial, given to the Finnish Unix User's Group at their annual cruise. See also example program source codes. March 2006.

I gave a talk in Finnish on September 4, 2006, at the seminar in celebration of Linux's 15th birthday. A very rough paper and slides are available. Update 2006-09-14: Now a (very quick and dirty) English translation is also available.

A talk about Debian development, in Finnish, March 22, 2007. Slides are available.

Another talk about Debian development, mostly about the internal communication, in Finnish, April 23, 2007. Slides.