Lars Wirzenius: Linux, 2007


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Linux: Oxford Beer Trolls and virtual beer

Back in the early 1990s, the term "virtual beer" was fairly common in the Linux circles. I still see it used sometimes. The first time it was used, for Linux, as far as I know, was when two guys in England decided they wanted to buy Linus some beers as a "thank you" for writing Linux. Since Linus wasn't traveling much (yet), and they didn't want to come all the way to Finland, they asked me if I would act as a proxy. They'd send me a check, I'd cash it in, and buy Linus beer. I have lost the original e-mail, it seems, but while uncluttering my home I ran into the letter they sent with the check.

I scanned in the letter. I have now no memory of who Andrew and Jon are, but if they see this, I hope they'll find the memory of the transaction as nice as I did.

(Linus did enjoy the beers.)