[[meta title="Why Hack Mode Is Better Than Sex"]

5 August 2000

  1. You can do hack mode all day without being called immoral.
  2. It's not illegal to get paid for hack mode.
  3. It's not embarrassing to read hack mode literature in a train.
  4. You don't get diseases from hack mode.
  5. Hack mode doesn't result in children.
  6. Your computer won't get upset if you do hack mode with other computers.
  7. You don't have to talk nice to computers to do hack mode.
  8. It's socially acceptable to do hack mode with many computers at a time.
  9. No-one will get angry if you fall asleep right after hack mode.
  10. Killing children in hack mode is quite OK. Parents, too.
  11. You won't be arrested for being in hack mode in public!
  12. Hack mode 69 is simply being yourself!
  13. There are more countable variations of hack mode than positions in the Kama Sutra.

Additions quite welcome, if you've ever been in hack mode.

Thanks to Harry Davis for the last three.