Lars Wirzenius: May, 2003


Saturday, May 31, 2003

Random thought: Booting...

About two and a half months ago, I started to keep a log of things I did at work, and somewhat in my free time, as an aid to my memory. Two and a half months later, I've written about 15000 words (or 40+ A4 pages) of text. Some of it was not meant for public view, either due to personal or work reasons, but much of it could have been. In fact, in a way, some of it should have been public, since it was related to my free software projects and people have shown some interest in those.

I have thus decided to experiment with keeping a web log again. My first attempt, a diary at Advogato was not very successful. It failed partly because I was too busy and partly and partly because composing text in a textarea HTML element is painful. Copying and pasting between browsers and editors helps only a little.

This time, I'm writing things the way I wrote my private log file: as simple, static HTML files. Let's see what happens.

Review: Spy game

I watched Spy game from a rented dvd. It was surprisingly good. Robert Redford is charismatic as usual, and Brad Pitt doesn't do badly, either. The plot is not quite the typical spy story, but doesn't quite raise enough moral scruples about espionage and assassinations to spoil the movie's usefulness as escapism. When I want to get angry and worried about the state of the world, I'll start reading news sites. When I want to forget about the real evils, I put in a disk in the dvd player, a pair of good earphones on my head and turn up the volume. Spy game works for that.

System administration: Wake-up call

Today's wake-up call was provided by Kaius, my boss, called and told me that the main server at work was not usable. He went there and read me the text on the console over the phone. Some kind of disk problems which had caused the kernel to remount the disks read-only. Naturally this happened before syslog had had time to write the error messages to disk. After a reboot and fsck, everything seemed to work fine. Somewhat worrying, but requires no immediate action.

Personal life: Joy's birthday present

I bought a bike in 1999, but haven't really used it, partly because of back problems. Today, Krabak bought it to give to joy as an early birthday present. He brought her to look at it, ostensibly to help me oil it, and when he told her what was happening, she was quite pleasingly happy and bewildered for a while.