Lars Wirzenius: August, 2005


Friday, August 26, 2005

Debian: Piuparts development using Bzr

Now that my vacation is over and various crises have been dealt with, I've started working again on piuparts, my package installation, upgrading, and removal tester for Debian. I want to make it easier for other people to contribute to this. So far, I've used CVS for version control, with CVSROOT being on my laptop. My laptop is my main development machine, and I need to be able to work with it in off-line mode. For the CVS/Subversion style of version control, this means having the repository on my laptop, but that makes it hard for other people to use it. (I know Subversion can do some things off-line, but it's not good enough.)

I've looked at several of the new-fangled distributed version control systems in the past months, and I've decided to have a dab at using Bazaar-NG (bzr). It's in development, and nowhere near as mature as, say, Bazaar or Darcs, but where those rub me the wrong way, Bzr seems sensible. We'll see.

Thus, if anyone wants to follow Piuparts development, and make patches, they can follow my development at I'm quite new to this whole thing, but here's the basic instructions to work with this:

Given the in-development nature of Bzr, you may need to use a newer version than what is currently packaged for Debian. Sorry about that. I will, however, make frequent tarballs to work around problems and also to allow participation without having to use yet another version control system.

If you want to send me changes, mail me patches (unified diffs, "bzr diff" does the right thing) or a URL for your Bzr branch.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Rant: Two bits

"Two bits" is 25 cents, not 2 cents. See Wikipedia for the full story.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Random hacks: Xchat whiteout

I have long been reluctant to use /ignore on IRC. I do not have a moral problem with ignoring unpleasant people, but I do have a practical problem: it can be confusing to see only responses to the ignored person and it is not always clear from context that they are responses. To reduce this confusion, it would be better if what the ignored person writes is shown with the same foreground and background color. I'm told irssi can do this already, but I like xchat and I don't want to switch, so I wrote a whiteout plugin. I've only just started to use it, so it may well be buggy.