Lars Wirzenius: Personal life, 2007


Monday, September 24, 2007

Personal life: Job

Today I started working for Canonical, on Ubuntu QA.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Personal life: Monkey see, monkey not do

I realized something about myself today: I have a relatively strong resistance to learning by imitating what other people do. The precise moment for this was when I was putting on a scarf for the first time this winter. I tend to dislike having things around my neck. Every winter I go through several iterations figuring out the most comfortable yet protective way of wearing it.

Today I started tying it in a new way, which I'd seen Lynoure use. Half-way through I stopped, telling myself that I can't do it this way, because I didn't invent it myself.

Only after I'd already undone the scarf did I realize how stupid this reaction was.

I need to watch out for this.

If I was an aspiring A list blogger, I'd now make a top ten list of annoying personal learning anti-habits.